Nurturing a positive outcomes

It seems obvious that the conservancy should produce it own food and that is an outcome we want to develop. However creating the conditions for this is occur has been a little more challenging. A garden needs to be tended to constantly, so we need to shuffle the staff around a little to allocate a person that could tend to the garden daily. Small beneficial habits, creates routine and this has positive outcomes.

So we created new conditions for James to spend 3 or 4 hours in the morning to accomplish 1 or 2 minor gardening tasks, this compounded over time is starting to show its benefits slowly.

Meet James

Gardening to a plan

We have had a broad idea of the layout of the garden should look and generally planned towards that. We had Michaël Gauthier a permaculture designer from France spend a week at ACHM and he created a very simple permaculture design for our garden. It has become the base map and plan for us moving forward.

We are looking for a another permaculture designer to assist us further, if you are interested view the volunteer position here.