Land to Market & Ecological Outcome Verification

All over the world, we are seeing a demand for regenerative agricultural products because there is no “end destination”. Regenerative verification does not test the product coming off the land, like organic certification. Rather the land is monitored to establish that it is indeed regenerating.

This verification process is called EOV, ecological outcome verification. It is the Savory Institute’s outcomes-based protocol for verifying land regeneration and it is grounded in sound science.

Once a land base is verified as regenerative, it would be eligible for Land to Market. The Highest Level of Integrity for Regenerative Agriculture. Land to Market is working with brands around the world to heal the planet by regenerating its grasslands. It is giving a voice to the land and is the world’s first verified regenerative sourcing solution for raw materials, such as meat, dairy, leather, and wool.

Ecological Outcome Verification Training at ACHM

So this past week at ACHM we wanted to achieve two major outcomes, firstly put in the first monitoring sites to get Dimbangombe ranch verified and secondly to training our Zimbabwean accredited professionals to become EOV monitors and verifiers.

This part week was the first steps to bringing Land to Market into Zimbabwe and once our EOV monitors have completed their verification process we will be in a position to start monitoring the regenerative farming operations within the country.