Regenerative farming consulting at Reddane Farming

Regenerative agriculture is growing quickly throughout the world and Zimbabwe is no different. Many landowners and stewards are realising that the wealth of their businesses is intimately linked to the health of their land. Specifically, through the photosynthesis process, green plants grow on regenerating soils. Often this realisation only occurs when land is already heavily degraded. So it’s inspiring when a land and business owner sees the value of regenerating their landscape before the alarm bells start going off. We recently went to assist the team at Reddane farming, to improve their grazing management.

The team at Reddane, are obviously quite in tune with their grazing paddocks and had picked up a change in the quality and quantity of grass being produced on their land had slowly deteriorated. As part of our own Commercial training development, we brought Roland Kroon up from Graaff-Reinet to assist us with Reddane. Roland has been practising Holistic Management for over 40 years and it was his family farm that Allan spoke about in the famous TED talk. So as a result of his management, he has been a regenerative farmer before the term became mainstream.