• Regenrative Agriculture


Social Media Influencer

Dimbangombe conservancy and the Africa Centre for Holistic Management is looking for applications for a social media influencer with an interest in Holistic Management and Regenerative agriculture. We will trade basic food & board and access to world famous ranch to create your content for your own use in exchange for tagging us your posts while staying with us and the occional post on our social platforms, with some upskilling of our staff in social media.

Criteria for applicants

  • Deep interest in regenerative agriculture
  • Know of or interested in Holistic management
  • positive and adaptable person
  • A large social media following

What we will provide

  • Room and board
  • Basic food and refreshments
  • Access to Dimbangombe conservancy and our cattle herd to create your own content for your own following

What we our expected outcomes are

  • Increasing engagement with our ACHM social media community
  • Having our local staff upskilled in Social Media


  • Typically between 3 to 6 months
  • With a probationary period of 2 weeks for either party end the agreement