2023 Permaculture Design Course at ACHM

Learn, design and apply the principles of permaculture – to your homes, projects and business ventures.

Permaculture principles enable us to create a culture that can endure and thrive for generations to come. At its heart are three very simple tenets, or ethics:

  • Care for the planet.
  • Care for people.
  • Fair share. (Which also involves returning surplus to the system.)

Permaculture Principles

  • Observe and Interact
  • Catch and Store Energy
  • Obtain a Yield
  • Apply Self-Regulation and Feedback
  • Use and Value Renewables
  • Produce No Waste
  • Design from Patterns to Details
  • Integrate Don’t Segregate
  • Use Small, Slow Solutions
  • Use and Value Diversity
  • Use Edges and Value the Marginal
  • Creatively Use and Respond to Change

Introduction to Holistic Management

As part of the permaculture training we will be including a two day advanced introduction to Holistic management. Which will be a huge asset to any new permaculture designer to manage the complexity of their future natural environment and society they would like to create.

For Who

  • Individual and Families looking to build resiliency
  • Homesteading or Gardening individuals and families
  • NGO facilitators wanting to broaden their horizons
  • The curious?


US$930.00 for the full 14 days training & Workshops (excluding Accommodation)

Accommodation options at ACHM: US$70.00 to US$90.00 per/person per/night sharing (full Board)


  • Dimbangombe Ranch
  • Victoria Falls,
  • Zimbabwe

PDC Dates at ACHM

  • 14 to 25 August 2023

Course training by

Permaculture Institute of Southern Africa

Permaculture Institute for Southern Africa, training, teaching, projects, mentorship.