Crop Production with Animal Impact Workshop

This is a 2-day workshop most suitable for farmers or organisations interested in conservation agriculture. Farmers and/or facilitators are shown how to kraal community livestock on successive portions of harvested cropfields at night for about seven days to break up the soil with their hooves and deposit dung and urine. This treatment has more than doubled (five times, in some cases) maize yields compared to community control fields. Animal impacting makes abandoned fields usable again. It also eliminates the labour required to transport manure to the field.

Next Course Dates

  • 14-15 March 2022
  • 19-20 April 2022
  • 1-2 August 2022

Course Content

Holistic Management Overview:

What it is, how it can benefit you, your organisation and the communities you serve; why it is key to achieving social, economic and environmental health.

Animal Treated Crop-fields:

Field preparation using the overnight kraal, plant-ing ,harvesting and using the animals to lay down crop residue.

Community Visit

we visit and engage with a community that are managing their land and livestock holistically.

Follow up Support

ACHM also provides follow-up support as graduates implement the programme in communities. Our facilitators have years of experience in implementing programmes themselves and can help build the confidence of graduates as they coach them through challenges they are likely to experience, making sure they learn from them. Additional fees apply.