• Real evidence of land regeneration

    We have been practicing Holistic planned grazing for over 30 years and there is real evidence of our success

  • Visit the Dimbangombe herd

    Our herders will explain their daily routine and the Holistic planned grazing process

Dimbangombe Conservancy Tour

Our conservancy tours are for visitors that want to learn about the fascinating history of Dimbangombe conservancy, which is intimately intertwined with Allan Savory and Holistic Management. Dimbangombe is a learning and demonstration site that is the home of Holistic Management. After watching Allan Savory’s TED talk and getting a little history of the conservancy, we also provide an introduction to the key insights of Holistic Management. We visit the TED Talk sites and a few other important areas that help tell the story of this remarkable ranch in the western corner of Zimbabwe.

We will visit the Dimbangombe cattle herd (if they are in an accessible area), and the herding team will show you the ranch’s Holistic Grazing Plan. It will be an opportunity to walk and talk with the herding team on the ground. The ranch is in the heart of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, so team will demonstrate how we manage the cattle herd amongst all the iconic African animals, including its large predators.

Conservancy tour are only available with prior arrangement, walk in requests are not always possible. 


US$50.00 per/person for the half day tour

  • Tour starts at 08:30 am
  • Expected to end at 12:00
  • Please get in touch if you require a transfer to and from Victoria falls